Ogen van de Rigel

Roy Jacobsen (author), Paula Stevens (translator)
Een Noorse vrouw gaat na de Tweede Wereldoorlog op zoek naar de vader van haar kind, een Russische gevangene die na het zinken van het schip de Rigel aanspoelde op een Noors eiland.
Ogen van de Rigel
Roy Jacobsen
Paula Stevens
Original language
Original title
Rigels øyne

About Roy Jacobsen

CC BY 4.0 - Image by Unnamed photographer for Cappelen Damm publishers, Oslo

Roy Jacobsen (born 26 December 1954) is a Norwegian novelist and short-story writer. Born in Oslo, he made his publishing début in 1982 with the short-story collection Fangeliv (Prison Life), which won Tarjei Vesaas' debutantpris. He is winner of The Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature and two of his novels have been nominated for The Nordic Council's Literature Prize: Seierherrene (The Conquerors) in 1991 and Frost in 2004. The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles was published in Britain in 2008. Jacobsen lives in Oslo.

Early life and authorship

Jacobsen grew up in a suburb of Oslo located in the Groruddalen valley. In his teens, Jacobsen was a member of the criminal "Årvoll gang". At age 16 he was arrested by the police and kept in solitary confinement for 35 days. He was subsequently convicted of among other things weapons offences and theft, and given a six-month suspended sentence.

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